3-2-1 Leader
The journey from management to entrepreneurial leadership

"Routine" management, with stable practices in the framework of an established organization, does not make anymore sense in our context, where adaptation is the key for survival. But the customer demands, in terms of frugality and level of service, and the performance expectations of shareholders, as well as societal and social constraints restrain the degrees of freedom of organizations.

Project-mode leadership is the cornerstone of efficient management in this fluctuating environment.

The enthusiasm of Y and Z generations for start-ups and entrepreneurship reflect their natural appetite to take-on the challenge of participating in a meaningful project.

Managers who do not have an engaging project to offer their teams will have a more and more difficult time in the context of the rejection of hierarchical authority and of the domination of networks and collective intelligence over the individual knowledge of managers.

The only way for us to avoid the need for radical transformations and painful restructuring , in the public sphere as well as in the private sectors, is to stimulate the emergence of entrepreneurial leaders and to develop the tonicity of managerial practices.

I have been quite encouraged by the response I have received from the 15 managers or entrepreneurs I have invited to participate in my book.

They have lived quite different journeys in terms of sectors - ranging from heating equipments to mobile phones, through agribusiness, consulting services, postal services, social entrepreneurship or emergency transportation. Their stories have occurred in a variety of contextual environments - from the launch of a business to turnaround situations, through phases of accelerated development and intensive transformation.

Some of them have lead their project as the chief executive of their organization, others have been involved because of their functional or operational responsibility. All of them have brought a contribution to the building of my leadership model.

My conversations with them, (...)

(...) as well as further discussions with leaders I have portrayed in my blog, have reinforced my deep conviction that all our environments are filled with entrepreneurial opportunities, and that it is up to us to seize them.

Wether you are a manager or an entrepreneur, you have to decide if project-mode leadership suits you and prepare to become an entrepreneurial leader, in three steps:
  • Launching yourself in projects that are compatible with your leadership assets and your aspirations
  • Demonstrating your capacity to inspire your teams and to lead them towards success
  • Anticipating your own development trajectory and managing the transitions required to sustain the dynamics of project-mode leadership
You will have to answer a number of questions before abandonning the posture of a hierarchical manager and adopting that of a project-mode leader:
  • Will you be able to explain the purpose and the benefits of their project? To build an engaging ambition with their teams? To establish sustainable working principles?
  • Will you know how to set and manage expectations? To choose the right tempo without neglecting moments of relaxation?
  • Are you ready to bet on trust and to manage the associated risks? To inspire trust by your casting of competencies, by your way to communicate, and by your commitment to respect and to get respected a clear-cut relational contract?
  • What will you do to develop the leadership of your team-members and help them find the right balance between stimulating change and providing stable references? How will you know that you have been a good leader in one year? In three years? In ten years?

You will have, to be a truly entrepreneurial leader, to be able to challenge others and to question yourself.

Experience will teach you how to choose your projects and to invest in the human capital of your organization, how to set the direction of your projects without losing your strategic agility, and how to sustain day after day the operational effectiveness of your teams.

I hope that reading my book will help you learn faster.

The english digital version is avalaible here  :

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