Dear English-speaking reader,

The purpose of this page is to explain how you can access articles in English and make use of the www.321leaders.com blog.

This blog is aimed at managers who operate in a project mode, which is the theme of the book I have written simultaneously in my French mother tongue and in English.

Its purpose is to help future readers of my book prepare their self-reflexion on their journey towards entrepreneurial leadership, and to help current or past readers extend their reflection. It is also a vehicle to build an active community of entrepreneurial leaders who accept to contribute their experience via the testimonies which are featured in the book, through self-portraits which I help capture in the blog, and follow-up news or comments of my articles.

The homepage highlights the main themes of the blog such as the presentation of the 3-2-1 leaders! book, that of the author and of the blog team, a gallery of portraits of entrepreneurial leaders, an overview of the MyDev leadership development programs, and interactive sections including a quiz to assess your mastery of entrepreneurial leadership and a call to contribute your ideas and experiences to the blog community.

Each article is tagged with a specific theme within these broad categories - for example news from the portrayed leaders, comments on recent events from the perspective of entrepreneurial leadership, or links to insightful readings or videos ; you can access english articles by clicking on this "English" tag.

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